A Warrior for Lake County Taxpayers

A Message From Carey

In 2012, I ran an insurgent campaign against a career politician for Lake County Property Appraiser. I promised to make the office more efficient and accessible. I told Lake County residents that I would use my management and leadership skills shaped by the Florida Army National Guard to bring in a fresh perspective.

Because you believed in my campaign goals, I proudly serve as your Property Appraiser. And after my first term in office, I can strongly say I delivered my campaign promises.

I made the Property Appraiser’s Office more accessible than ever before. Property owners can now more easily navigate the office’s website and find all of the property and tax information they’re looking for in an understandable way. Property owners now have more access to online services – which frees up our staff’s time and allows property owners to fill out forms and exemptions. Applying for the homestead exemption can now be done online and for free.

Because of my reforms, our office was presented the “International Public Information Program Award.” The International Association of Assessing Offers praised the reforms we made, calling our website “transparent and easily understood.”

Homeowners, veterans, seniors, farmers, churches and charities, and business owners are better informed about tax exemptions and property information. The reforms are working and we’re receiving a lot of credit for it. But I want to make sure our changes stay in place and we continue to make the Appraiser’s Office work for Lake County.

That’s why I’m running in 2016. Lake County needs a Property Appraiser that is ready to serve.

Thank you, and I hope you support me on August 30th.

Carey Baker